The social customs and rules you must follow in Saudi Arabia

Talking about the social customs of Saudi Arabia, the people of this country love to see you adopting their own traditions and culture. Arabs are quite understanding and less rigid in their behavior. However, they follow some customs. And being a foreigner if you don’t follow these customs or unwritten rules, you may bring trouble for yourself. Thus, we must say, offending the local sensibilities is surely not a good idea while staying in Saudi Arabia. 

Talking about the dressing rules, there are two rules for women Saudi Arabia strictly follows. One is made for the locals, and the other one is for the expatriates. The Arab women mostly dress according to their religious customs, which means they have to cover their entire body with cloths. They wear their traditional black over-garment (Abaya), which has long sleeves and a high neckline. The women expatriates and the foreigner must wear an Abaya whenever they will step out their homes if not, the religious police has every right to stop any woman who has her head uncovered. These conforming customs constrict their mind in such a way that whenever they see a woman wearing dress revealing shoulder, arm or legs, they tend to consider her as a woman of the street. However, at home, Arab women often casually wear a western dress in front of their sisters and close friends. 

So, if you are planning to shift to Saudi Arabia, you better mind these rules in order to live in peace, as this is a conservative country that follows some strict rules and customs. However, with Dish TV Login you can explore more things about this conformist country and its people. As we say, the more you know about someone, the more you will be in comfort with. So do not restrict your mind and be judgmental. Apart from the stringency, this is indeed a wonderful country to explore. So, get your Dish TV Recharge Saudi Arabia done and try to be friendlier with this country and its people.